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Your company has given us excellent service for many years. This particular accident did not damage our vehicle, but another persons. His car was fixed to his satisfaction and I did not hear any negative feedback. Thank you ~James McKinstry .  

I want you to know how much Mansfield Insurance & Erie Insurance mean to me.  My family has been through a lot and you all have been there for us.  Not only have you provided trusted insurance for us, you have given us compassion with every detail that has come up.  I called Jim on a Saturday morning within the first 24 hours of a tragedy.  Of course Lisa initiated and guided me to assistance.  The gentleman that worked with me from Erie was very caring in a seemingly impossible situation.  In addition to all this, I know that there were prayers that were sent up.  Thank you all for what you do every day!           Natalie Tanner

"You have always done a great job!  I have been with Mansfield for 32 years as a customer."       ~Joe Martini

Absolutely wonderful people to deal with! ~Nathan Kent

Best service I have ever had with an insurance claim. A+ -Kathy Jones


Jim Mansfield has taken care of our insurance needs since 1980. Jim and his family have become close friends of our family, and I know him to be a man of integrity. The Mansfield Insurance Agency operates under the same principles by which the Mansfield family lives. Jim is extremely knowledgeable about his products, and he is able to communicate in a way that aids his clients in their understanding of their insurance coverage. Assistance with claims has always been swift and fair. Jim does much more than sell insurance. He is always ready to take the time to encourage and sometimes counsel those who have suffered severe loss or damage. I would not hesitate to recommend the Mansfield Agency to anyone.         Dan McMullen

We really appreciate Mansfield Insurance.  We have not had to use it very often but when we have EVERYONE has been wonderful.  A BIG thank you to the STAFF!!  Dale and Betty Barth

Everyone was incredibly helpful.  This was our FIRST claim so we were unsure of the process, but it was relatively easy! 

James and Lori French


We've been loyal customers for many years.Your customer service is second to none.Thanks  Christina Towe

We have been with Jim and his insurance family for more than 25 years. When my daughter and I were hit by a tractor trailer truck, Diane was there for us and showed us genuine care and concern. Congratulations on 35 years in business!   Lori Palomino

After seeing the great service ERIE provided to their customers after the tornado that hit Harrison and Bright, we switched and have been happy ever since.          Bonnie Van Horn

Me and my family have been covered through your office for many years. I have always recieved great service and prompt attention when an issue arose. I always recommend home and auto insurance to everyone that inquires to whom i'm covered by. Great job . Keep up the great work.   Mario Arrequin Sr.

Thank you for all the years I believe since 1991 ! Ask Diane she will know ... LoL          Kenneth Reatherford

Just became a customer this past year, the process was thorough and professional, but the outstanding attitude of the staff was way above what I encountered at other sources in my search. I am looking forward to moving up the ladder of long time customers.     Nelson Brett

We have been with Jim and his staff for years and have never had anything but great service. I recommend them whenever I have the chance!     Joe & Denise Keller

I would say at least 25 years I have been with Erie might be more my premiums are very reasonable I have home and auto I have been very pleased with the service and employees.     Glen Lane

Best insurance agent in the world and an even better friend!     Jeff Sheridan

Jim appreciate you and your staff - 35 years in Business says it all!   Larry Arnold 

We've had Jim as our insurance agent for a very long time. Jim and his staff are always helpful. AnnetteIacobucci

Been with these guys for last 22 years.    Ernest Grigsby  

We have been with you a loonngggg time!!! Thanks!      Marty Johnson

I've had my life insurance policy through Jim for many years....can't remember how long actually. 

Judy Gray

Jim, you represent a great company. I think I come in at 32 or so years. Never once in my 32 years have I had a problem with eerie or your office or anyone in it. Service is always friendly and very efficient. Thanks again Jim.   Chuck karaus

You rock!! Thanks for your service.  Sarah Pierson 

As fairly new customers, we have received great service, and love paying lower premiums. So glad we switched :)   Cathy Ward

What've been with Jim for so long I can't remember the exact date. I think it was sometime in 1986 or 1988!!  Karen kuntz

Thank you. Your staff are so friendly and always so helpful. Thanks for all you guys do.   Celeste Mellis

Very happy with their good service they give  Charlotte Miller

You and your people are the best Jim!!!! Thanks for being a loyal and honest agent!!!!   Karen Kuntz


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