Are You Insured? The Deadline is 3/31/14

Posted on: March 13, 2014 4:00 pm
Tags: Affordable care act, Healthcare marketplace, Qualifying event

The Health Insurance and Affordable heath care act As of 3/31 – open enrollment ends.  After that date NO ONE can enroll in a new 2014 plan –Either in or out of  the marketplace – UNLESS they have a “qualifying event”.

What is a qualifying event?  Qualifying events will be events such as:

1. Loss of Coverage due to: Divorce- Death – Termination (employer terming a group plan or loss of group coverage due to job change or  Reduction of hours)

2. Medicare eligible – Retirement.

3.  Dependent aging off parent’s policy

4. Marriage


6.Permanent Move – causing you to lose coverage

Cancellation of an existing individual policy is NOT a qualifying event.

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