Happy World Teachers Day

Posted on: October 5, 2016 3:30 pm


Don’t know what World Teacher’s Day is?  Neither did I, but I think any reason to give teachers an extra dose of appreciation and honor is excellent.  


Mansfield Trivia:

Did you know we have a teacher among us at Mansfield Insurance? Jim Mansfield has a love for teaching…and a degree. A Bachelor of Science degree in teaching from Indiana State University to be exact and before discovering his passion for insurance, he was a school teacher.

He didn't totally leave the red correcting pen behind to open the agency.  Jim is very involved in teaching advanced education classes for insurance agents.  Thank you Jim for continuing to take the time to aid in the development of the minds of the future. 

Take a moment to let the teacher’s in your life know that they are valued. Even the smallest unexpected interaction of kindness can influence another.  It’s also a pretty cool feeling when you turn a frown upside down! 



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