Talk is Cheap

Posted on: January 27, 2015 9:00 am


Recently there has been a rash of funny and finger pointing insurance commercials. The funny ones usually involve animals, cave men, genies, or someone telling you that you can buy insurance FAST, CHEAP and EASY.  They might be cute and eye catching, but they are certainly not funny. Having a fast, cheap and an easy insurance program is a disaster waiting to happen. 

The purpose of insurance is to help in times of disasters - not cause them.  Your Insurance Program, like your health, legal issues and your family, is a subject that should take time and careful planning; it is not a snap decision.

Other companies advertise that they are not an insurance company, and allude to the fact they are completely different than those "other guys." They promise that they would never mistreat you with that type of misbehavior.  They keep talking with a finger pointing attitude, and all the while their fine print flashes across the screen in a very light color. You get fooled by not having a Professional Agent represent you and the fine print gets you.

At Mansfield Insurance Agency, we truly care about you, and we take the time to listen to your needs and concerns. Then, we find the best protection at the most affordable price.  We plan your insurance program with you, and then we are your front line of help when you need the protection you signed up for. Our staff are professional licensed insurance agents. Give us a call today!

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